July 12, 2014

catch up: cate, cup, cuba, couch

- listening to Cate Le Bon at nearly all hours
full credit to Trouble for playing this song, the lure that drew me in.

- the World Cup final is tomorrow
i'll spare you my soccer analysis and simply say that i am simultaneously elated that Germany made it and so ready for the tournament to be done. i need my life back.

- i just finished reading Telex From Cuba by Rachel Kushner
i want to read everything she writes. now i'd like to re-watch Memories of Underdevelopment and think about Cuba some more.

- we still haven't bought a couch

image from The Gentlewoman here

March 28, 2014

 photo indexphp_zps3e4e2c52.jpg

the home of joseph & mary merz from the nooney brooklyn archives

- i think the cat loaf really ties the room together
- t. & i  are contemplating buying a new couch & it is proving to be one of our more difficult endeavors as a couple

February 17, 2014

an imperfect counter offer

please enjoy:

my new (but long desired) Jesse Kamm tote.

my un-styled bookshelf containing measuring tape, sunglasses, regular glasses, cell phone, lip balm, ipod (my one sort of tech concession because i cannot handle people talking on their phones on the bus), tinted lip balm (from Fat & the Moon), beat up notebook, broken in hi-tops, wooden pocket mirror that i've had since high school, tissue box, geode, volunteer name tag, ribbon that accompanied a present that i feel bad getting rid of, hanging planter that needs hanging, and books.

our pistachio ice cream colored walls.

 photo IMG_1368_zpse1a4757e.jpg

January 3, 2014

always a new year

"May we all be grateful for the many unknown blessings already on their way."

lovely words and calendar by Lauren

October 11, 2013

good morning rainbow

Big Sur photo IMG_1216_zpse02dee16.jpg

 photo IMG_1232_zpsa00c8dd0.jpg

a catching up of sorts:

a few weeks ago T. and i went to Big Sur, a belated honeymoon. there were rainbows and wild flowers and tall trees in the canyon where we stayed. we ate a lot of bagels and drank a lot of wine. we went on hikes pretty much everyday and i wore an old pair of high waisted Acne jeans and terribly ugly Reebok running shoes (i don't recommend such hiking attire). i felt an unexpected homesickness for California while there. it was so comforting to see piles of sand and seaweed. salty hair and all that.

i quit my job. i'm going to school now (again and forever).

tomorrow is our first wedding anniversary. we're celebrating with dinner at the Farm Cafe, which is delicious and unpretentious and i'm probably going to eat a veggie burger. which yes, was my special wedding day meal.

today is for laziness and listening to the new Glasser repeatedly.